Stephen has officially become a Lifetime Member of THE ACTORS STUDIO! It is an honor and a dream come true to be a part of this venerable institution.



"Captivating...intense              performances!"

                   -New York Times

"Sublime...ferocious            energy...a magnetic                performance!"
                   -NY Theatre




       -Washington Square News


"Possesses humanity and a universal appeal. His moments alone are some of the most riveting in the play."
​                  -Theatre Online

"Dexter gives the most 

moving performance of the season!" 
            -Newark Star-Ledger

​       "Only Dexter and Moore           [are] given a strong               chance, which they                 seize hungrily!'' 
                -The Village Voice      


                -Theatre Scene

"A heartfelt performance...

sent shivers throughout the theater!"        
            -Theatre Reviews Ltd


"...does Yeoman's work!"

​                        -Stage Buzz

         "Real...flirty and                   sexy!"

​                      -Review Fix


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            Stephen Dexter.