​​​​​​​​Praise for Playing With Fire :

'The fashion of “Moulin Rouge” meets the explosive energy of “The Rocky Horror Show"! Actors were on balconies, immersed in the crowd and shown on monitors. All of these aspects made the show technically brilliant. The cast of the show depict real human emotion and life’s every day struggles. They show what it is like giving your all to a person with a wandering eye and the heartache that comes amidst a painful breakup. It is evident from the start the cast of “Playing with Fire” is full of professionals who truly love their craft. Fun, flirty and sexy.'


Praise for Everybody Dies :

'The entire cast is sublime; they tackle this piece with ferocious energy. STEPHEN DEXTER, playing Tom, delivers a magnetic performance, subtly embellishing it with his quirky facial expressions. In less able hands his role could have been a continuous brunt of a joke. Instead DEXTER gives us a person, odd in all his humanness.' 


'STEPHEN DEXTER'S 'Tom', the love interest of the two female leads, does yeoman's work in this piece [and] amuses playing the horny teenager who sees nothing wrong with grabbing his girlfriend's breasts and making contorted faces as he wavers from joining the transitioning to joining Jane in the resistance.'

            Stephen Dexter.

​​​​​​​Praise forAfghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait:

"You can feel the heat and the panic in Daniel Talbott's hallucinatory production, which has the rhythm and texture of a nightmare. It's 'Waiting for Godot' by way of 'Heart of Darkness'. This one will stick with you for a while."
- Time Out NY, ****, "CRITICS PICK"

"Captivating...intense performances!"
- New York Times

"The machismo of the modern-day warrior is exposed, and the folly of war revealed, in this explosive and intense new drama."
- Theatre Is Easy

"It's gritty stuff. The acting is uniformly strong and the script packs punches with its unsettling imagery."
- NY Daily News

Praise for 1931 :

Larry Moss, Judith Malina, & Wendy Smith hailed the production as 'Wonderful', 'Important', & a 'Must-See'!​​


'NY Theater Top Ten Pick!' 

-NY Daily News

'A complete & total triumph! STEPHEN DEXTER gives the most moving performance of the season!'

Newark Star-Ledger

'STEPHEN DEXTER is wonderful.'


'STEPHEN DEXTER executes the confusion and pain of his character immaculately, and his chemistry with his lover, from stifled tears to charismatic teasing, was masterful.'

Washington Square News

'Allie Mulholland's production, darkly lit and minimal, often speaks in the muttered tones of desperation, turning its 13-person cast into an ominous mass of shadowy shapes, with only DEXTER and Moore given a strong chance, which they seize hungrily.'

- The Village Voice

'STEPHEN DEXTER plays Adam, the protagonist, with an iron steel and determination. His performance possesses humanity and a universal appeal; containing exactly the playwrights’ intention. Indeed, we all see a bit of ourselves in Adam’s struggle. Adam is transformed from a hard-working ambitious young man to a homeless, animal-like sub-human. His moments alone on stage are some of the most riveting in the play.'

'It's as vivid and as powerful a lesson today as it was all those decades ago. Outstanding are the actors playing Adam and the girl, STEPHEN DEXTER and Kelsey Moore. Key to the production is the acting company’s sincerity which makes the play compelling viewing.'